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Dental Aesthetics

Dental aesthetics is a very wide field, which allows each sub domain of dental medicine to be approached on the aesthetic side.
Thus, we can speak of surgery – aesthetic implantology, facets or dental crowns, direct restorations of teeth, very aesthetic, dental whiskers or even orthodontics involved in performing dental aesthetics


Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening treatment is one of the most sought-after dental aesthetic services, which is a reaction to the increasing importance that contemporary society attaches to the outward appearance. First of all, the dentist should determine whether the patient is a good candidate for this procedure: teeth whitening is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, gingivitis or dental erosion, children under 15 and those with very sensitive teeth or allergic to peroxide


Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

A whiter smile today

With Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, you can get the whiter smile with just a 45-minute treatment from our professional dentist. No wonder Philips Zoom is the most sought after brand for professional whitening by US patients.

Light-activated whitening system
Your smile as white as possible

Why wait for results when you can have whiter teeth now? With the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​lamp, you can get a whiter smile in just a 45-minute visit to your dentist’s office.

Light-activated technology for powerful bleaching

Unlike many other systems, Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​uses a patented LED light to accelerate whitening for maximum results in the shortest time.

Recommended and administered by your dentist

The Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​is given by your dentist, so you know it’s the best and healthiest option for your teeth.


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