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Cavity treatment

Cavity treatment dental differs greatly depending on the stage of evolution of the dental condition. Thus, a cavity in its incipient form, thus without forming a cavity, can be simply treated by the dentist by applying a fluoride solution that has the role of stopping the tooth decay process, provided that the patient strictly respects the rules of oral hygiene.
If the stage of the caries is already lacking in substance, so when the so-called holes in the dental layer appear, the doctor will call for cleansing of the altered and infected dental tissue and will fill this cavity with a obturation, popularly called lead.

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Tooth Implant

Dentistry today offers us a new, quality treatment that involves the restoration of lost dental units and the obtaining of a look as close as possible to the natural one, this treatment being known as the dental implant. A dental implant is a titanium screw inserted directly into the bone and replacing the root of the tooth replaced.

Dental implant The dental implant is a titanium piece, most often in the form of a screw, which serves as a replacement for the root of a missing natural tooth, thus rebuilding the functions, aesthetics and mastication, lost.

Orthodontics or dento-facial orthopedics is the dental medicine specialty that treats dento-maxillary abnormalities (lack of alignment of teeth, malocclusions, dental rotation, incongruity of the two dental archways, etc.)

Braces The dental device is made up of braces placed on the vestibular surface, which may be metal (less aesthetic but the fastest way to straighten because of less friction between the components of the appliance) or ceramics (very aesthetic, tooth color) .

Dental aesthetics is a very wide field, which allows each sub domain of dental medicine to be approached on the aesthetic side.
Thus, we can speak of surgery – aesthetic implantology, facets or dental crowns, direct restorations of teeth, very aesthetic, dental whiskers or even orthodontics involved in performing dental aesthetics

Teeth Whitening Dental Whitening treatment is one of the most sought-after dental aesthetic services, which is a reaction to the increasing importance that contemporary society attaches to the outward appearance. First of all, the dentist should determine whether the patient is a good candidate for this procedure: teeth whitening is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, gingivitis or dental erosion, children under 15 and those with very sensitive teeth or allergic to peroxide


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Orthodontic treatment

Endodontics is a specialty of dental medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of diseases due to soft tissue inside the tooth (dental pulp or tooth nerve) as well as supporting ligaments located at the top of the root.

Canal treatment (“removing the dental nerve”) Canal obturation is a treatment used to save an infected tooth or too much tooth from extraction. This involves removing the affected dental pulp, cleaning and disinfecting the canals and filling them.






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Prosthetic Dentistry

It can be fixed or mobile. Its purpose is to restore dental integrity, which can be altered by physiological lesions or degradation. Dental prostheses are generally rigid pieces made outside the oral cavity with the help of the dental laboratory.

Dental facets Dental facets are unidirectional prosthetic works represented by thin porcelain films used to restore the natural appearance of the teeth, being a successful solution in situations where the natural tooth has small shape or color abnormalities but also if there are fractured teeth , larger spaces between teeth or if their position is incorrect.

Dental crown Dental crowns are dental work (more precisely prosthetic) that covers or wraps the visible part of a tooth.


Dento-alveolar surgery

Dental surgery is a complex branch of dentistry designed to solve the dental complications that can affect the health of the teeth or correct functioning of the teeth. Oral surgery is divided into several branches delimited by the various problems that may affect a patient: buccal-maxillo-facial surgery (BMF), dento-alveolar surgery, oro-maxilo-facial surgery (OMF) and periodontal surgery .

Among the lightest dental surgeries are dental extraction, when a tooth can no longer be saved by standard dental procedures. Dental surgery includes the following: molar extraction, molar extraction of the mind, canine extraction, canine extraction included or incisive extraction.

Dental implant The dental implant is a titanium piece, most often in the form of a screw, which serves as a replacement for the root of a missing natural tooth, thus rebuilding the functions, aesthetics and mastication, lost.